Poor Jennifer Lawrence Had to Explain Where “I Beat Meryl” Came From

It shouldn’t come as a big shock that I wasn’t too thrilled when Jennifer Lawrence won a Golden Globe for Silver Linings Playbook (I still hate that movie), but I don’t wish any ill will to the actress, who I think it quite talented as well as smart and funny. I mean, the first thing she said when she got up to that microphone was "I beat Meryl!" That certainly sounded more clever than Anne Hathaway’s self-deprecating "blergh," as if she did not know she was going to win. (Come ON, Anne Hathaway, just be gracious without the self-deprecation; we all know how awesome you think you are.) Of course, it comes as no surprise that some people were offended by Jennifer Lawrence’s joke, as if Meryl Streep is a goddess of acting about whom no one must exhibit the slightest bit of levity.

On Monday, Fox News claimed the comment was not classy. Even Lindsay Lohan, bless her heart, had something to say about it:  

Shade! Lindsay Lohan is throwing shade at Jennifer Lawrence. I like the world we live in. Anyway, Lawrence was on Late Night With David Letterman last night and reiterated that she is, in fact, more well-versed in pop culture than most of you, you dummies, because obviously the "I beat Meryl!" line was from The First Wives Club

Meanwhile, Meryl Streep is at home dousing herself with white wine spritzers, probably cackling over the whole thing. 

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