Peyton List’s Exclusive Top Five Valentine’s Day Movie Recommendations

Photo Credit: Sara Jaye Weiss

Peyton List shares the must-see movies on her Valentine’s Day viewing list, exclusively with BlackBook

1. The Wedding Singer

You can watch this one for the music and the clothes if you’re not that into celebrating love this year. Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore are perfect 80s throwbacks in this rom-com that manages to be both super sweet and totally hilarious.

2. Rear Window

If you’re up for some Valentine’s Day viewing excitement, my go to is the master of suspense, Hitchcock. In Rear Window he gives us a romance between Grace Kelly and James Stewart but things get pretty claustrophobic as a horrifying secret is revealed.

3. Some Like It Hot

Valentine’s Day is also a good chance to celebrate your favorite girl crushes. I love Marilyn Monroe’s classic films… and this one is one of her most charming, funniest performances.

4. She’s The Man

Amanda Bynes in a twist on Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night brings a bit of silliness to romance, so it’s perfect Valentine’s day viewing with friends. (Also: Channing Tatum!)

5. Win A Date With Tad Hamilton!

Small-town girl, (old-school Kate Bosworth!) wins a date with hulky, muscly Josh Duhamel (babe)–and skinny, cute Topher Grace is the friend/underdog who’s always loved her.



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