Pedro Almodóvar Announces Female-Centric Cast + Plot Details For His Upcoming Film ‘Silencio’

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Ardent fans of Pedro Almodóvar can rejoice, as he’s finally revealed some new information about his next feature, Silencio. With a return to form with focus on great female protagonist, the film is a bit of a departure for the director’s usual affinity for working with his same troupe of actors, adding two new women to his roster of characters. 

Commenting on the casting of Emma Suarez and Ariadna Ugarte, producer Agustin Almodovar (yes, brother of the film’s director) told The Hollywood Reporter, “Pedro takes great pleasure in witnessing acting and it will be stimulating for him to discover the freshness of these new actors, and as his producer and brother that will be very stimulating for me to watch.”

Plot details reveal the two actresses will play the same character, Julieta, in a drama focusing on destiny, the complexity of guilt and what makes people abandon those they love. Examining a 30-year time span in Juliet’s life, the viewer sees her in 1985 when it seemed like things were going well in her, as well as 2015, when is on the brink of madness.

The film’s title refers primarily to the daughter, who Juliet doesn’t know and who is the center of most of the film’s drama. In January, the director told The Financial Times, “It’s called Silencio because that’s the principal element that drives the worst things that happen to the main female protagonist.” Another notable casting is Rosy de Palma, who will play a competitive servant.

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