NYT Columnist Upstages You With Movie Trailer Marriage Proposal

Man, remember the good old days when marriage proposals just involved a knee and a ring and possibly a need for both parties to have health insurance? Well, more and more people are embracing the elaborate proposal, and the NYT is ON IT. Well, one NYT columnist, anyway. New York Times tech columnist David Pogue did his part to add to the recent influx of viral proposals, the flashmob organizers and mural artists and the like, by actually hiring actors and writing a rom-com movie trailer about their meeting for his proposal. Pogue was able to gather both his and his fiancée’s families together and was able to capture her reaction via hidden camera in a ficus plant. Naturally, she said yes.

What’s most impressive is how well Pogue captures all the classic movie trailer tropes, from the opening “In a world…” to the dulcet banjo music to the dramatic medical diagnosis to the clips of snarky best friends giving advice in casual settings.

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