Nicolas Cage Seeks Justice in ‘Seeking Justice’

Another year, another slate of paint-by-numbers Nicholas Cage action vehicles. In Seeking Justice, he’s a man trying to take revenge for an attack on his wife, played by January Jones. A shadowy syndicate offers him the opportunity to get his vengeance nut, but the rabbit hole goes deeper and deeper: he’s asked to kill a sex offender, is maybe framed for murder, and is eventually forced to go after the group he thought was helping him out. There’s as hilarious beat in the trailer when Cage comes home to find out that someone has spelled "choose" on his refrigerator with magnetic children’s letters, and the music screeches to reflect his inner paranoia. I’ll be first in line, of course. These movies are always entertaining, so why not?

Fun facts: Seeking Justice was originally titled The Hungry Rabbit Jumps, it’s produced by Tobey Maguire, and director Roger Donaldson previously helmed Dante’s Peak, the wonderful Pierce Brosnan volcano disaster flick. Consider something else: what if all these Nic Cage movies — Drive Angry, Next, Knowing, Bangkok Dangerous, etc. —  are about the same character? Much like Clint Eastwood’s Man with No Name spiritually stretching across several decades and movies, Cage’s overarching archetype is a powerless, confused dude always trying to do the right thing. It makes sense if you (get preposterously stoned and) think about it. Calling all grad students! Jones is perfectly fine at playing the shook wife (really, it’s the only thing she can do) and Guy Pearce fits into any role as a vaguely evil baddie, so I’m sure it’ll be a ripping time. It opens on March 16.

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