New Trailer for ‘Jobs,’ Now With 100% More Motivational Voiceovers

After the hype which came with the first promotional photos and a mixed showing at Sundance, the Steve Jobs biopic formerly known as jOBS is coming ever closer to wide release. And with that comes the first trailer, and the first extended look at Ashton Kutcher stepping into the role of the Apple founder from his formative years to the founding of his company, his removal and his return again. In it, we see Jobs as the journeyman hippie, as the young tech icon on the brink (complete with lots of shouting and banging fists on the tale) and the forming of his partnership with Steve Wozniak, played by Book of Mormon alumnus Josh Gad, which seems to be a solid casting move. 

At the close of the trailer, where Kutcher launches into Jobs’ iconic, motivational-office-poster "here’s to the crazy ones" speech, he starts to look more and adopt more of the mannerisms of Steve Jobs, making it feel less like you’re watching Ashton Kutcher live out the early years of Steve Jobs’s life and more like a biopic. Jobs hits theatres August 16th, but in the meantime, you can watch the trailer, and prepare for the movie that will probably launch a few quadrillion more incarnations of that "Ten years ago we had Steve Jobs, Bob Hope and Johnny Cash" dead-horse meme. 

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