New “Star Wars: Rogue One” Trailer Promises Epic Rebel Action

A new trailer for the upcoming film Star Wars: Rogue One debuted during the Olympics last night, and it looks like it will be amazing. The movie, while certainly a legitimate Star Wars film, is not part of the main 9-part Anikin Skywalker storyline of movies past, is being subtitled “A Star Wars Story,” and follows the story of rebel fighters in the time before Luke Skywalker blew up the Death Star in A New Hope.

Rogue One stars British Actress Felicity Jones as the saucy rebel fighter Jyn Erso. Jones received a Best Actress nom for her role in 2014’s The Theory of Everything, alongside Eddie Redmayne. The movie also stars Forest Whitaker and Diego Luna. I guess the Rebel Alliance requires their top fighters to be gorgeous as well as adept at operating laser guns.

The film is directed by Gareth Edwards, who previously helmed Godzilla (2014), and scheduled for release on December 16th in theaters everywhere.

Check out the trailer below.

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