New ‘Inception’ Trailer Is Crazy

All right guys and gals, what we have here is the new trailer for Christopher Nolan’s upcoming summer blockbuster mindfuck Inception. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio as “Leonardo DiCaprio,” Ellen Page as “that girl from Juno” and Michael Caine as “an almost inexplicably perpetually entertaining prim Englishman,” Inception tackles the age-old question of honestly I have no idea what this movie is about. Leonardo DiCaprio specializes in “subconscious security” because, OK, sure, Ellen Page is super wide-eyed, and lots of explosions explode. I’m kidding! The trailer is seriously out of control awesome and all the actors look great.

Even if Inception winds up being a disappointment — which, come on now, it’s directed by Christopher Nolan and it stars Leonardo DiCaprio in one of his trademark “GQ man, back against the wall” performances, so it won’t be — Nolan has already announced that his next and final Batman film is due out on July 20, 2012. That alone is cause for excitement. I’ll happily plunk down my $12.50 if it means Nolan will get to continue to make emotionally complex, big-budget, big-spectacle blockbusters. Inception opens nationwide on July 16.

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