Movies Opening This Weekend, In Order of How Much We Like Their Trailers

Some people judge a movie based on reviews, other will go see something just because it features a favorite actor. Here, we’re judging this weekend’s offerings based solely on what we see in the trailers and ranking them accordingly.

Moonrise Kingdom: What can we say, Wes Anderson’s signature look does something for us. And while we might disagree on where this new flicks fits into his oeuvre, we can all sign off on the idea that the trailer is the best of this week’s bunch.

The Chernobyl Diaries: There will be very few redeeming qualities to this movie, but it will scare the shit out of us, we are sure. That alone makes the trailer worthwhile.

The Intouchables: The number-two earning French film might be earning mixed reviews from American outlets—Variety called it offensive and racist—but the trailer and our own Francophile tendencies and possibly misplaced trust in the taste of Harvey Weinstein (who’s distributing the movie in the U.S.) have earned it the number three spot on our list.

Men In Black 3: Stupid? Sure! Done to death? Absolutely. But also full of time travel, action and all sorts of other things that a Memorial Day weekend opening should have.

Mighty Fine: Andie MacDowell and Chazz Palminteri abandon New York for New Orleans in this story about downtrodden people. Feh.

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