Movie Wars: Uplifting WWII or Vengeful Civil?

There are two pretty good looking movies coming out soon, Django Unchained (December 25) and War of Buttons (July 18). Which one you’d like probably depends on how much you know about the French involvement in World War II. One on hand, War of the Buttons was cowritten by Thomas Langmann, he of the Oscar-winning film The Artist. On the other hand, what wishful thinking! An entire village rallying around a young hidden Jew! It kind of reminds one of…wait for it….Inglourious Basterds. But Quentin has rampaged onto greener, earlier, pastures. His new film, Django Unchained, follows a bounty-hunting former slave, played by the grimacing Jaime Foxx enacting vengeance on slave owners throughout the South.  How much you like this one will probably have to do with how whether you prefer Matthew 5:39 or lex talionis. Check out the trailers here and decide for yourself. 


War of Buttons


Django Unchained

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