Morning Links: RIP Nate Dogg, Anderson Cooper’s Mardi Gras

● Netflix may be close to picking up their first original television series, David Fincher’s House of Cards.[NYT] ● Rapper and hook-man Nate Dogg passed away in his sleep last night at the age of 41. As Snoop Dogg tweeted in tribute, “You put yo stamp on evrybdy u ever didit wit”. His funk lives on. [Billboard] ● Charlie Sheen pornstar lady-friend Kasey Jordan tweeted through a bender of her own yesterday. “The 16 hours I spent with Charlie messed me up … I can’t get that image out of my head,” she began, before admitting to downing pills and whiskey. Police, responding to an emergency call, intervened, taking the star to the hospital for psychiatric exams, where she tweeted, “I’m Sooo bored in this hospital bed! I want to have someone save me.” [NYDN]

● Bravo’s Andy Cohen is pretty sure Miami will be the last of the Real Housewives spinoffs. Which is too bad because, really, our taste for the Housewives is insatiable, and we’d totally be into Real Housewives Tulsa. [ONTD] ● Cohen also suggested yesterday that Anderson Cooper’s Mardi Gras technique is probably better than yours, saying that the way the way he laid his beads out mise en place style before the parade was “like chefs do.” [NYMag] ● High-waisted and highly unflattering bikini and all, Ke$ha doesn’t care. U r who u r, girl, and we respect that. [TMZ]

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