Morning Links: Jennifer Lawrence Sees Hunger Games Everywhere, First Look At ‘Dark Shadows’

● As Jennifer Lawrence sees it, Kim Kardashian’s very public divorce is basically The Hunger Games already upon us. "That’s a tragedy for anyone, but they’re using it for entertainment, and we’re watching it," she explained to Parade. "The books hold up a terrible kind of mirror: This is what our society could be like if we became desensitized to trauma and to each other’s pain." May the odds be ever in your favor, BlackBook readers… [Page Six]

● Hot leading ladies Megan Fox and Zoe Saladana are teaming up for Paramount’s Swindle, a vehicle for the two women that will be developed by Moneyball producer Michael De Luca and developed by Enzo Mileti and Scott Wilson. [Deadline]

● Rihanna — incidentally, the only voice not yet heard on the subject — has finally come forward to defend her "Birthday Cake" duet with Chris Brown. "The hottest R&B artist out right now is Chris Brown. So I wanted him on the track," she explained on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show. "It’s music and it’s innocent." [RapFix]

● The watermelon smashing comedian Gallagher was rushed to the hospital after suffering a "mild to serious" heart attack. The prognosis is good, but he will remain in the hospital until he has recovered. [Us]

● Bar band meet bar: Hold Steady frontman Craig Finn is launching his very own microbrew named Full Hearts, after his recent Friday Night Light‘s riffing release, Clear Eyes Full Heart. [RS]

● At last, a trailer for the Tim Burton-directed and Johnny Depp-starring vampire comedy, Dark Shadows. [HuffPost]

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