Morning Links: Daniel Radcliffe Sexed ‘Harry Potter’ Groupies, Missy and Timbo to Return This June

● Having yet to scandalize with his tales of binge drinking and ungroomed nethers, Daniel Radcliffe says that he likes to "like somebody before I sleep with them," but that sex with Harry Potter groupies "has happened." And a million new Harry fanfics were born. [NYDN]

● Scarlett Johansson will co-star alongside Joseph Gordon-Levitt in his untitled directorial debut about a "modern day Don Juan" and his quest to become less of "a selfish dick." [Deadline]

● Missy Elliott and her long time partner in crime, Timbaland, are set to release albums simultaneously this June. “I just don’t want to move too ahead of her and she don’t want to move too ahead of me,” explains Timbo. “We want to do it as a movement and spontaneously.” [MTV]

● "The enormity of their stupidity is overwhelming," says the dear Werner Herzog of chickens. And what more? We’re listening… [Videogum]

● Studies show that "patriotic movies that promote conservative values and do not denigrate Christianity" (Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, We Bought a Zoo) make more money than their "Liberal" counterparts (We Need to Talk About Kevin, Bad Teacher, and Happy Feet Two). [THR]

● "I mean, to me it was real," says Kris Humphries still, being careful to note that, "I can really only speak for myself in terms of that." [E!]

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