See Meryl Streep Rock Out in the New Trailer for ‘Ricki and the Flash’

Jonathan Demme (Something Wild, Rachel Getting Married) has a new crowd-pleaser rolling into theaters this summer. It’s written by Diablo Cody, and we’re excited like woah. First of all, Meryl Streep is starring as a rocker in a band called “The Flash,” and she’s donning a major hairdo with an American flag tattoo on her back. Not to mention, real-life daughter Mamie Gummer is starring as her daughter. Needless to say, it’s going to be worthwhile to check out these two act alongside each other onscreen.

Here are five things we can expect from Ricki and the Flash:

  • Lots of family drama. The core of this film ultimately seems to be the relationship between the mother and daughter—too bad it’s not being released this Mother’s Day. (I’ll probably see it with my mother anyway.)
  • Meryl Streep makes out with young Sebastian Stan!! GEEEET IT GIRL!
  • Diablo Cody has a knack for writing some pretty memorable one-liners. Looking forward to Streep’s portrayal of rocker Ricki. In the trailer Ricki talks about growing gray hairs, saying: “Some day you’re going to wake up and find a grey hair and I don’t mean on your head.” *chuckle chuckle*
  • An original song titled “Cold One” written by Jenny Lewis and Jonathan Rice, performed by (duh) Meryl Streep. OMFG! (Rick Springfield also stars in this movie.) What if this gets nominated for an Oscar and Meryl has her Country Strong moment performing at the Oscars?
  • A stern and preppy Kevin Kline playing Ricki’s ex-husband who’s now married to a different woman (Audra McDonald).

Check out the trailer below:


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