Martin Scorsese & Jared Leto Team Up for ‘Hugo’ Trailer

We doubt that when Jared Leto sat down to pen his 30 Seconds to Mars anthem “Kings and Queens,” he anticipated it would one day score the trailer to a Martin Scorsese kids movie (or get 6 million views on YouTube, for that matter). But stranger things have happened. So when we pressed play on the trailer for Hugo, that Martin Scorsese kids movie we were talking about, and “Kings and Queens” started playing as Chloe Moretz and Asa Butterfield run through a turn-of-the-century Parisian train station, we thought, right on.

As for the rest of the trailer: It will leave Scorsese purists scratching their heads (pratfalls into a giant wedding cake?). But it does have Sacha Baron Cohen providing some underlying menace, and it does have Ben Kingsley Georges Méliès, giving Scorsese the chance to play around with the early days of cinema. Our sense is that most of the story hasn’t been revealed yet (although it is based on a book) and that the 3D trailer was composed mainly with Harry Potter audiences and their 3D glasses in mind.

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