‘Making Love’ With Woody Allen: A Supercut

In modern cinematic vernacular, there are myriad ways to talk about a sexual encounter or experience, but what I love about seeing Woody Allen’s films is that he seems to be the only person to still refer to sex as “going to bed” with someone. And  for as nauseating it is to hear someone utter the words “make love” in real life, for some reason when it’s strewn about Allen’s films, that too becomes just part of his lexicon that we obviously so adore.

And today, if you already haven’t spent your holiday under a pile of late-80s, early 90s Woody Allen films like me, you can check out Woody Allen Making Love: A Supercut—a four-minute video chronicling every use of the term “making love” in Allen’s films, from What’s New Pussycat to To Rome With Love. Enjoy.

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