LOL at Miley Cyrus’s Old New Movie, ‘LOL’

A few years ago, Miley Cyrus filmed a remake of a French movie called LOL, about a teenager’s sexual awakening while dealing with typical teen drama involving, but not limited to: her no-good boyfriend, her mom’s divorce, the total non-fun of going to high school everyday. Just being a teen, you know? Anyways, the movie was shelved for whatever reason, maybe because the studio realized it wasn’t very good. As one theory goes, Miley’s real life drug experimentation cast a bad light on her fictional bad self, and it took forever to edit the film so it would seem less true to life. After all the delay, it’s back on track. A trailer was released today, promising all the Lol-ing you can stomach.

It kind of looks like a crummier cousin of Mean Girls, which has got to count for something. Yes, that’s Demi Moore as Miley’s mom, and yes, the main character’s name is Lola, shortened as LOL. The voiceover is pretty eye-rolling (Sample: "I can’t love him but I do! I feel so real with him."), but it’s definitely not your typical Miley vehicle. She’s getting naked with boys, getting drunk, failing school, and generally acting a mess. I’d write more, but having any opinion whatsoever on Miley’s career is really bumming me out, so just watch the trailer if you will.

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