Listen to Jonny Greenwood’s Complete Score for ‘The Master’

Over the past decade, Paul Thomas Anderson’s films have seemed to change from a Robert Altman-esque tangled web of intersecting personal dramas to intimate character studies set against a Kubrickian level of largeness and detail. There’s no denying his 2007 epic, There Will Be Blood, was one of the best films of the last decade, although his latest, The Master, seemed to have even the most devout P.T. fans on the fence. Personally, I loved the film for its performances, which exhausted me as an audience member just sitting in my seat, feeling as if I was carrying Freddie’s weight along with me. But regardless of your critique, it’s undoubtable that his film’s always feature incredible scores—and with master of arresting musical scores, guitarist and composer Jonny Greenwood’s stab at scoring the sense of post-war anxiety, ill-ease, desperation, and manipulation of this world, the film is enhanced to an mystical level that has won him a shot at an Oscar and praise for his musical brilliance.

And now, thanks to The Weinstein Company, you can revisit the haunting experience you first had watching The Master with the release of the full score online. The complete musical addition features what appeared on the original soundtrack but with many more gems—including a second versions of numbers such as “Able Bodied Seaman,” and six “Overtones,” so you can reawaken your psyche to the film all over again. Go make yourself a drink with whatever’s hiding under the kitchen sink, close your eyes, and take a listen.

The Master Complete Jonny Greenwood Score

1. Baton Sparks
2. Able Bodied Seamen v1
3. Time Hole v1
4. Time Hole v2
5. The Split Sabre Combined
6. Overtones v1
7. Alethia
8. Overtones v2
9. Able Bodied Seamen v2
10. His Masters Voice
11. Application 45 v1
12. Overtones v3
13. Overtones v4 and v5
14. Back Beyond
15. Sweetness Of Freddie
16. Overtones v6
17. Back Beyond Credits

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