Listen to Jake Gyllenhaal Read You ‘The Great Gatsby’

In case you were worried about clamoring to finally read The Great Gatsby or were simply looking to brush up on a beloved text before May 12th, never to fear—Jake Gyllenhaal will read it for you. In conjunction with Baz Luhrmann’s highly-anticipate and lavish adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel waltzing into theaters soon enough, there’s a new audiobook version of the original material for you to feast your ears on. Described as "a series of definitive recordings of the Fitzgerald canon in association with the Fitzgerald Estate," the Gyllenhaal-version is set to debut May 7th. In addition, Tender is the Night and The Love of the Last Tycoon are also apparently up for a new audio tracking, although which actor will take on those works is still a mystery.

But before we listen to Gatsby, let’s look back on some other celebrities who have lent their voices to great audio books.

Jeremy Irons, Lolita

Alan Rickman, The Return of the Native

Orson Welles, Moby Dick

Sissy Spacek, To Kill a Mockingbird

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