LCD Soundsystem Documentary Set for Theaters This Summer

Thank Brooklyn for this one. Regarding of what the blogosphere might lead us to believe, Shut Up and Play the Hits, the documentary chronicling LCD Soundsystem’s last days as a band, probably wouldn’t have found much of an audience for a theatrical release (outside of NYC and LA, of course). But thanks to Beastie Boy Adam Yauch’s Oscilloscope Laboratories film company, a happy medium has been reached between a cinematic release and video-on-demand: The movie will be shown at special one-night-only engagements this summer, in theaters that won’t mind if their patrons start dancing in the aisles. The exclusivity will parallel the finality of LCD’s last show, but it’s also just a convenient way to make sure everyone gets their taste.

"Perhaps having grown up in a band for most of my life – a band that formed when I was 16 years old – and having released our first record when I was still in high school, this film addresses so many questions," Yauch said in a press release. "For instance, it can be pretty clear when a band starts, but perhaps less so when it ends, or how it should end. In that sense, it’s brilliant of James to end it in such a definitive way." Poignant, if not a big self-congratulatory, though I suppose if I was in the Beastie Boys I’d bring it up every time I could. No dates have been announced, but keep an eye out.

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