Latest Alamo Drafthouse Wines Go Great With Human Organs, Fava Beans

I have neither sampled human liver, nor am I much of a wine expert, but you can probably guess where this is all going. The Alamo Drafthouse, the Texas-based chain of movie theatres known for their various clever testaments to their love of cinema (and snarky messages encouraging patrons to not text during the movie), began releasing limited-edition wines for fellow film buffs with The Princess Bride-themed Bottle of Wits. This year’s bottles of the grape should surprise no one, as a film with a very iconic wine scene inspired them.

The Drafthouse has had plenty of very elaborate themed film series and themed drinking nights, and so naturally, a series of nationwide screenings of Silence of the Lambs would inspire a four-course feast, complete with the aforementioned libations. Guests can dine on “Buffalo Bill’s skinless chicken wings” and a main course of fried chicken liver with fava bean puree while watching Anthony Hopkins’ haunting performance, and of course, enjoy it all with a nice Chianti.

In collaboration with Mondo Cellars Winery of California, the Drafthouse offers two choices, a Suit Yourself Pinot Grigio which feautres “a lush bouquet of tangerine and orange blossom,” and, of course, a Cannibal Chianti, “loaded with dark berry fruit with bass notes of allspice and baked quince.”

Even the labels have not-so-subtle tributes to the film, with drawings of lotion and fava beans and a message of “Quid Pro Quo.” You can order either wine separately for $32 apiece, or, for the truly committed, you can order $75 limited edition “Lecter’s Package,” which features both bottles coupled with a bottle of lotion (or else you get the hose again), along with some fava beans and a Hannibal Lecter-inspired recipe from Alamo Drafthouse Chef Trish Eichelberger. 

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