‘Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D’ Trailer: Yes, It’s a Katy Perry Concert Film

Ever since divorcing Russell Brand, Katy Perry has been on a whirlwind public redemptive story to make her out to be some kind of transgressive figure of personal courage or whatever have you. And maybe she is! (But probably not.) That looks like the idea behind Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D, an upcoming concert movie that will sum up the entire Katy experience without the trouble of stepping foot in a stadium. "Thank you so much for believing my weirdness!" Katy tells her audience, as though she isn’t an immaculately coiffed and managed celebrity. But that’s always been her appeal: to make you, the average person, believe like you can relate to this perfectly constructed pop cyborg. Oh, and there’s a Christian angle, which basically makes this Never Say Never Pt. 2. Such a copycat!

Having actually press passed my way into one of her concerts (thanks, journalism!) I can confirm that Ms. Katy’s show is definitely some kind of spectacle, complete with amateur acts of lesbianism (during "I Kissed a Girl," natch) and literal fireworks (during "Firework," natch). If you’ll never have a tween daughter or college girlfriend to take to the real thing, why not see this in theaters? You should probably get kind of drunk, though. Part of Me will be out on July 4th weekend.

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