Katie Morgan Is No Sasha Grey

According to BuzzFeed, pornstar Katie Morgan is getting critical acclaim for her role in the upcoming Kevin Smith release, Zack and Miri Make a Porno. I’m not sure where they’re getting this from, and this clip is no indication of acting chops, but if the buzz is to be believed, maybe Morgan can follow her colleague Sasha Grey to a mainstream movie career. But probably not.

Grey got into the sex-on-film-for-money trade with ulterior motives, launching a meticulously planned career trajectory. Morgan got into it because she got caught with a hundred pounds of weed. I’m not trying to take shots at Katie; she’s had her own HBO documentary, and she seems like she’d be fun to get drunk with. She also handles herself quite well on the red carpet (despite that laugh). The thing is, there’s room for only one porn-turned movie star in Hollywood, so back the f*ck off, alright Katie?

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