Just To Let You All Know, ‘Hocus Pocus’ Is On YouTube In Its Entirety

For those of you who have power at this point but don’t feel like leaving your houses on Halloween, you can still curl up and relive your childhood with the Sanderson Sisters and their shenanigans. Apparently, the 1993 Disney Halloween classic starring Bette Midler (and her brilliant rendition of "I Put A Spell On You"), Sarah Jessica Parker (and her crazy eyebrows) and Kathy Najimy (riding a vacuum cleaner) can be viewed—not in the highest of quality, but decent enough—on the YouTubes, in its entirety, in one video. Talking cat and all. 

For many individuals who have been especially vocal in perpetuating this #RememberThe90s nostalgia explosion and reblogging every listicle that mentions Lisa Frank or Hey Arnold!, Hocus Pocus is an October tradition, and admit it—even into your adult years, you still stop to watch it when it’s on TV or make an evening of it around Halloween, along with Practical Magic, The Craft and other such glorious witchy films from years gone by. And even if that #RememberThe90s stuff makes you gag, Hocus Pocus is still a glorious, campy, fun piece of seasonally appropriate viewing. 

Now, go forth and watch it before the inevitable buzzkill cease-and-desist from the Walt Disney Company.

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