Juliette Binoche Explores Prostitution in NC-17 ‘Elles’ Trailer

In Elles, Juliette plays a well-to-do journalist who begins a story about the world’s oldest profession by interviewing a pair of young prostitutes who seem to enjoy their job. There’s empowerment and empathy in Binoche’s investigation but also a whole bunch of darker material about her own affairs waiting under the surface, as there must be in a such a movie. This newly released trailer is decently NSFW, but hey, it’s a Friday — maybe your boss won’t mind. Watch it after the jump, via Vulture.

Vulture also links to an appraisal of the film from last year’s Toronto International Film Festival, in which the author sits behind Binoche in the theater while she’s watching her on-screen character attempt to masturbate. Creepy! “I’m an artist,” Binoche said about faking the act. “I just used my skills and body to recreate something. It’s like a Goya painting. Or sculpting." That’s your line, from now until forever, any time you get caught in a compromising position. Elles opens in New York and Los Angeles on April 27, and across the country in early May.

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