Joaquin Phoenix Documentary to Feature Prostitutes, Cocaine

You’ll recall Joaquin Phoenix’s bizarre meltdown last spring, in which the actor grew a conspicuous crazy-person beard, quit acting, and professed his intent to pursue a rap career. Phoenix’s apparent self-destruction climaxed with a rambling, bewildering, seemingly drug-addled interview on The Late Show, in which he was barely responsive and antagonistic. It was depressing and captivating all at once. But we knew that Casey Affleck, Joaquin’s brother-in-law, had filmed the entire ordeal as part of a documentary. Well, that documentary, titled I’m Still Here: The Lost Year of Joaquin Phoenix, is finally complete and has been privately screened for potential distributors. A report on the content of the film has leaked and it demonstrates beyond a shadow of a doubt that Phoenix’s deterioration was a hoax.

Hollywood Insider spoke with one of the viewers in attendance at the screening—who was himself/herself unsure of whether Joaquin’s downfall was fabricated or not, as the filmmakers refused to enlighten anyone besides the party that ultimately purchases the film—and got the straight dope on exactly what I’m Still Here depicts:

The film shows Phoenix snorting cocaine, having sex with prostitutes and simply falling apart in his quest to land a record deal. It shows him meeting with Sean Combs in a desperate plea to get him to produce his record album.

This thing is starting to sound less like a Joaquin Pheonix mockumentary and more like a Nick Cannon biopic.

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