Jessica Chastain is Probably So Excited to Star in Liv Ullmann’s ‘Miss Julie’

Jessica Chastain is most likely freaking out right now. The self-described "nerd" when quoting Brecht in her Critics Choice Award speech, has officially signed on for the lead role in Miss Julie, the upcoming Liv Ullmann-directed film. And for any classically-trained, serious actress with a love for both cinema and the stage this is kind of a dream come true. Not only will she be working with Ingmar Bergman’s muse and icon of painful cinema, but she’ll be getting to star in the film adaptation of Swedish playwright August Strindberg’s work. So it’s safe to assume she’s pretty happy right now—you know, aside from the fact that at she’ll probably take home a well-earned Oscar in just a few weeks.

Chastain will be starring opposite Collin Farrell in the film that already has critics and audiences buzzing with excitement and/or jeaously. As a reworking of Strindberg’s play and Ullmann’s first time behind the camera in over a decade, the controversial 1894-set film that dives into issues of class, sexuality, and gender is set on a midsummer night and "follows a woman trying to escape an existence cramped by social mores who suddenly drawn to a senior servant." Samantha Morton (whom we recently saw in Cosmopolis) is also set to appear in the film that Ullman "said in the past she’d use Irish actors as servants and British as the masters of the house" for. And although Chastain may be neither of those, there’s no doubt she can pull off the role of a strong-willed aristocrat who "longs to fall from her pillar."

Apparently Chastain has been "weighing several offers" in terms of her 2013 post-Ocar nom schedule and after years of hard work, it seems like she really is becoming the most sought after woman in Hollywood. And honestly, that’s kind of an incredible thing when the only reputation to proceed her is just how damn talented she is. As the first official new role she’s signed on for in the new year, this has certainly set the bar high. 

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