Jason Segel is ‘Jeff, Who Lives at Home’

The Muppets, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, I Love You, Man — Jason Segel is kind of the standard bearer for mopey, paunchy dudes who are bad at growing up, isn’t he? The first trailer for Jeff, Who Lives at Home definitely reinforces that: Segel plays Jeff, who lives at home with his mom (Susan Sarandon!) and is having a hard time figuring his life out. After a chance run-in reunites him with his brother (played by Ed Helms), they start hanging out again while trying to deal with their life issues in tandem.  (Sample dialogue: "Why do you want to live like this, drifting through this life with no awareness!?") Arrested Development alum Judy Greer shows up as Helms’ maybe-cheating wife and, you know, hijnks and emotional maturation ensue.

It seems winsome and charming in a cheesy way, pretty much par for the course when it comes to Jason Segel vehicles. I’ll be honest — it’s extremely hard for me to see Helms as anyone else but Andy Dwyer from The Office, and his reasonable attempt at being serious is just so… off. It’s like a bear riding a ferris wheel: cute, but get out of there, silly! (It sure is Friday, y’all.) If you liked the trailer, Jeff, Who Lives at Home comes out on March 2.

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