Jason Segel and Ed Helms: Notes From an Epic Jam

Had they not become two of Hollywood’s alpha comedy stars, were they not starring in Jeff, Who Lives at Home, the latest comedy from the brothers Mark and Jay Duplass, had their lives not assured each a place in the pantheon of funny man heroes—one for bringing heart to The Office, the other for ensuring that a small felt frog named Kermit and his slightly overbearing fiancée would never be forgotten—Ed Helms and Jason Segel probably would have been this generation’s Hall & Oates. Instead, they might be this generation’s Odd Couple.

In Jeff, Who Lives At Home, Segel plays Jeff, a weed-obsessed, emotionally drifting man-child. The film begins with him perched on a toilet, recording a voice memo to himself on the merits of Signs, M. Night Shyamalan’s paean to fate. Later, Jeff sets out on a Shyamalanian quest for purpose across Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where he encounters his blowhard brother Pat (Helms), who is struggling with his own ontological and marital unease. Epiphanies ensue. One such revelation: It would be an abomination if Helms and Segel, both passionate musicians, never jammed together. And so, with a garage, a Gretsch and a prayer, we made it happen. Here now the evidence from the greatest band that never was.

Photos by Dan Monick

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