James McAvoy Gets Dirty in a Raunchy New Trailer for ‘Filth’

I may be a tad presumptuous here, but James McAvoy is truly at his best when playing an absolute mess. Whatever your feelings on Danny Boyle’s Trance, McAvoy’s erratic and twisted performance was one of my favorites from him, and with the next rough and salacious film to emerge from one of Irvine Welsh’s novels, Filth looks to show a much raunchier side to the Scottish actor.

Filth, which explores a crooked, drug-addicted, bipolar, and sex-crazed cop who tries to gain a promotion by solving a murder, gives us a much more dangerous and perverse side to McAvoy, and today we get a new smutty trailer for the feature. Jamie Bell, Imogen Poots, Jim Broadbent, Martin Compston, and Eddie Marsan round out the cast, in the film from director Jon S. Baird. In first writing about the original trailer, we noted that Clint Mansell is at the helm for the soundtrack, and with a project that seems to require something a little less refined and elegant than his scores of late, hopefully this will harken back to his schizophrenic and feverish older work a la Requiem for  Dream.










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