It’s Not a Country Western Dance Party Without Terrence Malick

Prior to this year Terrence Malick was notoriously one of the most enigmatic directors in Hollywood. And although still a mystery and total bizzaro genius, it feels as though we’re seeing more of him than ever. From his current film, To the Wonder, which looks to be released in the US this April, to whatever he’s doing with Ryan Gosling and Rooney Mara, and that other thing with Christain Bale and Natalie Portman—or is that the same thing? Too confusing. Either way, the man is going non-stop. And now, he’s taking it to the dance floor! (Where else?) This clip may be brief but it is obviously integral to your day’s viewings. Also, check out this wonderful piece in which we find out that, "Malick is said to be such a fan of Zoolander, the 2001 send-up of the fashion world, that colleagues say he watches it regularly and likes to quote it. Ben Stiller, the star of the film, once dressed up in character and recorded him a special birthday video message." Good.


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