Internet’s Favorite Feminist/A-List Hottie Tumblr Becomes A Book

What do you get for your friend who loves The Notebook and/or feminist theory and fighting for gender equity and also has everything? Basically, blogger Danielle Henderson, creator of single-serving Tumblr sensation Feminist Ryan Gosling has you covered for the next dozen Chrisma-hanu-birth-iversaries or so with the coffee table book, Feminist Ryan Gosling: Feminist Theory As Imagined By Your Favorite Sensitive Movie Dude, which is available for preorder, celebrated its release in New York tonight and drops officially on August 14th.

The blog, which has attracted millions of viewers through its images of the star of such films as Drive and Half Nelson, looking particularly sensitive/sultry and offering discussion-provoking remarks like "Hey girl. It’s pretty cool that Caitlin Flanagan has a working time machine so she can keep bringing up archaic missives about female sexuality and the expectant role of women in romantic relationships, but, couldn’t she put it to better use by, like, trying to keep Freaks and Geeks from being cancelled?" or "Hey girl. The post-feminist fetishization of motherhood is deeply rooted in classism but I still think we’d make cute babies." or just "Hey girl. When you talk, I hear the revolutions." The book will feature 120 total captions, with the majority new material not seen on the blog, thus hopefully further broadening the spectrum of the Internet’s knowledge of gender studies. 

With all the hype over the blog becoming a book, its fans have also learned a lot more about its creator, 34-year-old grad student Danielle Henderson, who created the Gosling meme as a set of flashcards to help with her gender studies coursework, and it became a whole lot more. Gosling hasn’t authorized the project or gotten in touch with Henderson, but seeing as no one’s tried to stop this from becoming a thing, either, he doesn’t seem to mind. 

Storyboard interviewed Henderson about the blog, her choice of Gosling over other actors and why young people—and everyone—still need feminism. Toward the end, Henderson was asked for Feminist Ryan Gosling’s take on a few key questions that surround gender-related discourse today, most notably whether or not women could "have it all." 

"Feminist Ryan Gosling says there are bigger fish to fry. I say the premise of having it all is a social construct developed to divide and placate women, and it’s a bag full of bullshit. We don’t want it all … You’d be amazed what we could do with just a tiny bit of autonomy! We know how to stretch one civil right into at least five."
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