Important Question: Would You Have Sex With a Ghost?

Our friends at The Gloss have a regular series called "Wed Bed Dead" (that’s the PG version of "Marry Fuck Kill," for those not in the know, such as all of our moms), which really is the best game to play, right? And this week’s episode brings up a very important question: would you have sex with a ghost? For those of us who are not Ke$ha, this is probably not something we’ve thought much about. (Well, I guess I have.) Jennifer and Ashley pick three of the most eligible ghostly bachelors—Casper, Beetlejuice, and Sam from Ghost—and break down the options for us all. Take a look after the jump.

(Obviously, the correct answer is Wed Sam, Bed Beetlejuice, and Kill Casper. Think of the lifetime of pottery! And also Oda Mae would probably come hang out all the time.)

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