How To Celebrate The 20th Anniversary Of ‘Jurassic Park’

It’s the 20th anniversary of Steven Spielberg’s last good film: Jurassic Park. Yes, it’s actually been that long since everyone’s favorite dino-sci-fi-adventure blockbuster hit screens. The VHS version—which is probably still the best way to watch it—followed an excruciating 15 months after its debut, and had kids cooped up inside their TV rooms for weeks. My own surviving tape is so warped from rewatchings that I hesitate to expose it to daylight anymore. 

So, how are we marking the blessed occasion? First, to get into the mood, you should definitely take a “Journey to the Island,” John Williams style. My advice is to play this song with your eyes closed, and then imagine what your face looks like during it. If you’re human, it’ll put a gigantic grin on your face.

A perfect complement to this song, of course, is the immortal Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum) laughing: 

For those who want to dig deeper, there’s some fantastic fan art over at the blog Dino-DNA, and reigning Jurassic Park expert Becky Ferreira, who has called the movie her “first religious experience,” tackles some errors as well as the philosophical brilliance of the piece. But as always, the true lesson here is quite simple: don’t get cheap on Dennis Nedry—that was Hammond’s mistake.

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