Here’s the Trailer for That Lindsay Lohan Liz Taylor Biopic

“They drink, they fight, they fornicate,” we are told about 15 seconds into the trailer for Liz & Dick, Lifetime’s much-hyped glittering mess of an Elizabeth Taylor biopic. And we will probably be headed towards a national conversation about how Lindsay Lohan’s portrayal of Elizabeth Taylor mirrors her personal life and struggles and that thing where she called out Amanda Bynes and then hit someone with her car, and parts of it will probably be problematic and send various factions of the Internet into Parent Trap and/or Mean Girls nostalgia k-holes. But we’ll get to that later—for now, this movie is a thing and it is almost here and if nothing else it will make for an entertaining evening. 

In Liz & Dick, which hits your small screens November 3rd, Lohan and New Zealand actor Grant Bowler (True Blood) play Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, respectively, with a focus on the most glamorous and laviscious and destructive parts of their relationships. Some of the acting will probably be bad solely by virtue that it is a Lifetime movie, but for what it’s worth, from first impressions, Lohan seems to have taken to the role well, or at least certainly better than fellow recent Lifetime movie alum Rob Lowe assumed the role of Drew Peterson. Also, just for the exchange, "You’ve just ended your fourth marriage?" "Oh, who’s counting?," this trailer is worth watching. 

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