Here’s Ten Whole Seconds of the New ‘Twilight’ Movie

You guyyyyys! It’s almost time for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part Two: How Many Colons Can We Fit Into One Title! Are you super duper excited? I mean, at least for the fact that this international crisis is ALMOST OVER? I’m not going to lie: I have seen the last three Twilight films in the theater (usually drunk). I will see this one! It will be great / a nightmare, per usual! And thank God there’s now a teaser featuring a brief glimpse of that vampire baby!

I was not joking about it being brief. And I guess she’s not really a baby, as she grows at rapid speed, or something. It’s been years since I’ve read the Wikipedia synopsis for the last book (because I did not read the actual book, duh), so I don’t really remember what’s going to happen in this one except that I think Taylor Lautner has a crush on that vampire kid, which is gross at first because she’s a baby but then it gets totally less weird when she’s an adult (even though it’s still kind of weird because he had a big werewolf boner for her mother). 

Also, Kristen Stewart is now a full-blown vampire with red eyes in this one. And, uh oh, The Volturi are coming, the Volturi are coming! (Keep it in your pants, kids, at least until this November when the film finally hits the big screen.

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