Help Alamo Drafthouse Encourage Its Patrons To Not Be Jerks

Austin-based cinema chain Alamo Drafthouse takes your talking, texting and other inconsiderate malarkey that ruins other people’s good times and movie-watching experience very, very seriously. In the past, they’ve enlisted numerous celebrities to make the pre-screening announcement about the importance of not talking or texting during the movie, including Michael Cera and Jonah Hill, the cast of Drive, the late former Texas governor Ann Richards, Danny DeVito, Will Ferrell, and a couple of legitimately terrifying figures, including R. Lee Ermey and Game of Thrones‘ Jason Momoa. (After R. Lee Ermey or Khal Freakin’ Drogo tell you not to be a jerk during the movie and you’re still a jerk during the movie, we’re not sure we can help you.) But their most famous pre-movie PSA went viral, an angry, possibly intoxicated voicemail from a patron who was removed for texting, and finds this grossly unfair as this is "THE MAGNITED STATES OF AMERICA!" 

The boozy voicemail shtick must be getting old, as Alamo Drafthouse is launching a film contest for its new "Don’t Talk or Text" PSA, which runs now through November 21st. Filmmakers will post their entries to Badass Digest for voting and winners from each Alamo Drafthouse—Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Dallas/Fort Worth, New York, Winchester, Va.; Northern Virginia, Kansas City and San Francisco—receive a $200 Alamo gift card and have their PSA screened in their local branch. The overall winner gets $1,000 and has their PSA screened at all the theatres. So, you know, cash prizes. And hopefully creating a more pleasant moviegoing environment. Which makes us all winners. 

Well, at least it’s certainly better than the cinema ninjas in morphsuits. Check out the contest PSA, and then, just for funsies, you can watch the original angry-voicemail PSA. 

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