Giveaway! Win a Free Download of the Zellner Brothers’ ‘Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter’

Attention film lovers! Enter for the chance to watch the wondrous Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter on iTunes.

As we noted in our interview with Rinko Kikuchi when the Zellner Brothers’ film had its theatrical release back in March:

With Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter, Kikuchi travels from Tokyo to Minnesota, hitchhiking her way to a buried treasure that may or may not really exist. Based on the true story of Takako Konishi, we watch her search for the money buried by Steve Buscemi in the Coen Brothers’ Fargo, from a map she created from an old VHS copy—ditching her job and pretty much all of her social relationships along the way. The Zellner Brothers have crafted an affectionate look at cinephilia and a quirky comedy of manners, with Kikuchi at her deadpan best.

Today, you can enter to win the Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter iTunes package, which will include exclusive behind-the-scenes features, an interview with the Zellner Brothers and Kikuch, as well as deleted scenes. Sounds good to us!

Enter by tweeting @blackbook ! Check out the rest of our interview HERE to see Kikuchi discusses damaged heroines and her personal connection to the film.

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