Get Your First Glimpse of Spielberg’s Lincoln Biopic

Just in time to break through the exhausting muck of this upcoming election like a grease-fighting dish detergent made of lemony freshness and freedom, we get our first moving picture-type glimpse of Steven Spielberg’s epic biopic of our sixteenth president, Lincoln, in a teaser promoting… a promotional Google Hangout. Remember? Because this is 2012, and we have trailers for trailers for things now and Google+ is still something someone is trying to make happen.

From what brief moments we do get of the film itself, there’s some rainy, bloody period-epic-drama battle sequences, a shot of Daniel Day-Lewis looking shadowy and distinguished and a brief but promising excerpt of the Gettysburg Address. And then, after all that breathtaking eloquence and period-drama mise-en-scene, the screen goes to white to remind you about the Google Hangout happening this Thursday, featuring Spielberg and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who plays Lincoln’s son Robert Todd. This could actually be a very interesting Google Hangout, but it needs more Lane Pryce as Ulysses S. Grant.

Lincoln begins its wide release on November 16. Watch the teaser below, you can Google Hangout with Steven Spielberg and JGL on Thursday and don’t forget to register to vote, kids. It’s what Honest Abe would have wanted.

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