Get Excited for Christian Petzold’s ‘Phoenix’ With a First Trailer + New Stills

When we spoke to fantastic German actress Nina Hoss back in 2012 for the release of Christian Petzold’s Barbara, she spoke about her frequent collaboration with the director, noting that, “You have to have trust, especially if you play these parts. As an actress, if I didn’t have the stage and I just did Christian’s movies I think I would go die like a little flower…” And next up for the duo is one of our most highly-anticipated films of the year, Phoenix, which tells the story of…

Nelly Lenz is a concentration camp survivor who has been left severely injured with a disfigured face. Lene Winter, who works for the Jewish Agency, takes her to Berlin. Following facial re- construction surgery, Nelly begins the search for her husband Johnny.

When she finally does find him, Johnny does not recognise her. Nevertheless he approaches her with a proposal. Since she resembles his wife, whom he believes to be dead, he asks her to help him claim his wife’s considerable inheritance. Nelly agrees, and becomes her own doppelganger – she needs to know if Johnny ever loved her, or if he betrayed her. Nelly wants her life back.

The more similarities to her dead counterpart she reveals, the more desperate and confusing their relationship becomes.  Will Johnny confess his love? Or his guilt?

And with the film set to premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival next month, you can now see a batch of stills for the film, alongside the first trailer. Get excited.

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