Get a First Look at Xavier Dolan’s Next Film ‘Tom at the Farm’

A few weeks back, we showed you the latest trailer for Xavier Dolan’s upcoming drama, Laurence Anyways. At just 23-years-old, the Canadian writer, director, and actor has opened three features to critical success and established himself as one of cinemas best young auteurs. Always dealing in the realm of sexual exploration and the psychologically challenging effects of love, Dolan’s next feature was anticipated to have been completed before the new year—but without making a formal announcement on the progress of the project, A Life in Film has spotted the poster for the feature, Tom at the Farm, while covering the Berlin International Film Festival. And judging from the looks of it, this appears to be a darker turn for Dolan, yet still falling into the themes of his oeuvre thus far. 

Adapted from Michael-Marc Bouchard’s Tom a la Ferme, Tom at the Farm is a psychological thriller where…

Stockholm Syndrome, mourning and latent violence permeate a story of lies and imposters. A young ad executive travels to the country for a funeral and discovers that no one there knows his name or his relationship with the deceased.Set deep in the farmlands of Quebec, TOM AT THE FARM tells of the growing fissure separating city and country and the respective natures of the men that reside there.

When I spoke to Dolan for the release of Heartbeats, he told me, “Love is really a theme that I want to talk about. Love, human nature—I’m not a thriller guy. Although I would love to direct one good thriller. Everybody dreams of directing something like Se7en or Silence of the Lambs. I want to try different things and test my limits.” Well Mr. Dolan, perhaps this is the one; and test away because we’re excited.


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