Get a Closer Look at Claire Denis’ Thrilling ‘Bastards’

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In our upcoming interview with brilliant French director Claire Denis, she explains that she is, “not a teacher or a priest that wants to show the darkness of the world, the inferno and flames of the inferno.” However, with her latest penetrating feature Bastards, Denis explores a kind of darkness that lurks close to the surface of everyday life, culled from the  stories that read and see everyday that have become second nature to us, their painfulness barely leaving a mark on our skin. When Denis spoke at Lincoln Center last Saturday as part of NYFF, she explained that the fragmented nature of her work stems from how she, herself, feels fragmented—"I’ve never felt like just one person.”

And with Bastards, we see a jagged and powerful film inspired by everything from Kurosawa to William Faulkner’s Sanctuary and recent French sex ring scandals involving men of wealth and power. Bastards follows:

"Vincent Lindon (Denis’s Friday Night) stars as Marco, a sea captain gone AWOL to avenge his brother-in-law’s suicide and to rescue his estranged sister and his teenaged niece (Lola Créton, Goodbye First Love); Chiara Mastroianni (A Christmas Tale) is Lindon’s married lover, who has sold her soul in exchange for the security of her young son; and the remarkable Michel Subor is her husband – a sleazy financier who is the very embodiment of an evil beyond comprehension. Denis takes the viewer into the very heart of darkness in her most unsettling film yet, an unforgettable and thrilling commentary on late capitalism."

And now, the first U.S. trailer for the film has been released via Apple, in which we get a direct sense of its style and haunting quality that begins from the very opening and never loses its grip. Scored by Denis close collaborators, Tindersticks, their electro-remove only heighten the chill lurking behind Denis’ powerful images. Enjoy the trailer HERE.