For The Love of God, Someone Please Rename ‘5nal Destination’

Look, I like a goofy title as much as the next guy. Scre4m? Awesome! 2 Fast 2 Furious? Wow! Step Up 2 The Streets? Unbelievable! But, this: 5nal Destination? What is that, Fivenal Destination? Anal Destination? This is absurd. I mean, it’s absurd that they’re making a fifth one of these movies, but okay, apparently there are still people willing to pay to see this. After the break, several alternate titles I propose for 5nal Destination.

I think you’ll agree that these are all far superior titles, real slam dunks as far as marketing and promotion are concerned.

1. Oh No! Why Are We Still Doing This? 2. The Final HUH?!?! 3. Fin5l Destin5tion 555 4. Final Destination: We’re Almost There, You Guys, To, You Know, Our Final Final Destination 5. There’s 5 Genocide in Rw5nd5, But 5n5l Destin5tion W5s 5 Better 5lloc5tion Of Resources

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