First Look at the ‘Les Misérables’ Movie (and Anne Hathaway’s Crash Diet Results)

Hang on to your straw fedoras, gay guys and 14-year-old girls, because the first official trailer for Tom Hooper’s big-screen adaptation of Les Misérables, the most spirited musical telling of poor French people in the history of Broadway, is finally online! And everyone’s here! Hugh Jackman! Russell Crowe! Emaciated Anne Hathaway! Amanda Seyfried! That guy from Savage Grace (J/K, no one saw Savage Grace) who kind of looks like a snake! Everyone but Taylor Swift, thank God. (Remember when we were all worried that Taylor Swift was going to be in Les Mis? We dodged a bullet there.)

I’ve got to say, this one gives me chills? I’ve been Team Hathaway since Rachel Getting Married, even if a friend of mine was correct in her description that Anne Hathaway looks like someone Photoshopped her face on a head that was slightly too small for it. But she’s got some spunk, and she can sing "I Dreamed a Dream" as good as any other woman who has played the role of the most kind-hearted prostitute in French literature. (Yes, even you, Patti LuPone.) It appears as if her crazy diet also worked out! While we don’t get to hear anyone else sing (I’m kind of curious to see how much growling Russell Crowe will pass off as "singing"), the movie looks lush while still depicting the shitty life of 19th century Parisians. Oh, yeah, and barricades? Has anyone ever understood what they were fighting about? I’ve seen it twice and I’m still too swept up by "On My Own" to give a shit about post-revolutionary politics. Snooze! 

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