The First Feature Length Film Shot Entirely On iPhone

Uneasy Lies the Mind is the first feature film shot entirely on the iPhone!!!! (Note excessive exclamation points of excitement.) The good folks at Apple must be loving this product endorsement (Samsung take a break); the 88-minute film was shot with the assistance of an iPhone 5 and a lens adapter. It was shown at the San Jose Cinequest Film Festival and SXSW. Total production cost: $10,000.

“I needed a camera that could create that soft, grainy 16mm feel,” says director Ricky Fosheim (filming on 16mm was his first choice.) “After doing a lot of research, coupled with some extra tools, I realized the iPhone 5 was the perfect camera to shoot this project.”

One small production problem; iPhones don’t work very well in cold temperatures, and the shoot took place the frozen climate of Mammoth Lakes, California. A problem diverted by the director who jumped to action, warming up his iPhone under his armpit to keep it working.

“Extremely cold weather, as low as five degrees, proved to be one of the most difficult hurdles while shooting,” Fosheim said. “A fully charged iPhone 5 will die in less than two minutes when exposed to these frigid cold temperatures.”

Numerous takes were lost because the camera would continuously die mid-shot. Lesson learned: set your iPhone feature films in Fort Lauderdale or Barbados.

One advantage with filming on the iPhone was putting the camera in places a bulky rig just wouldn’t be able to fit, like in various nooks and compact crannies.

“The camera is so lightweight and easy to use, the actors barely knew that we were filming,” adds Fosheim. “There was no delay in between scenes or in between setups. The actors were able to stay in character and it really helped capture some candid performances.”

Check Out The Official Trailer for Uneasy Lies the Mind.

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