Facebook Threatens to Sue ‘Mark Zuckerberg’

That’s right Facebook is suing Mark Zuckerberg.  Not the hoodie sporting, Adidas with socks-styled founder, but the guy who changed his name to mirror that of the tech titan and launched a store which ties into the site.  It’s a far cry from the ivy adorned, rowing-fueled litigations of the Winklevoss twins.

Rotem Guez is the founder of the Like Store, which peddles to those who shamelessly use this year’s top acronym “LMS” (Like my status) by selling those thumbs up to companies. The sale of digital approval violates Facebooks high, ahem, ethics code and they threatened to sue back in September.

In response, Guez legally changed his name to ‘Mark Zuckerberg’ on Dec. 7 and just a week later Facebook is again threatening legal action against the Like Store.  Zuck II is ready to play, taking trolling to a whole new level.  He has set up an Internet campaign to drum up publicity using his new persona including a Facebook Page and Twitter account, @iMarkZuckerberg. He is also using the site markzuckerbergofficial.com to tell his story.

Even if this doesn’t make it all the way to court it would make a hilarious, albeit mildly confusing, sequel to The Social Network.  Paging Aaron Sorkin.

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