Explore the Life & Work of J.D. Salinger With the First Trailer for ‘Salinger’

Caught amidst a slew of big-budget studio films to come out this September, The Weinstein Company will be releasing a literary gem of a film Salinger, writer and director Shane Salerno. Diving into the mystery of the beloved and reclusive author’s life, the documentary picks up after the publication of his last novel featuring interviews with over 150 subjects from Salinger’s friends and cohorts to Tom Wolfe and Philip Seymour Hoffman.

In speaking with the LA Times Salerno, who put $2 million of his own money into the film said: 
Salinger is a massive figure in our culture and yet remains an extraordinary enigma.  The critical and popular game over the last half-century has been to read the man through his work because the man would not speak, but the untold story of his life is more dramatic than anything he ever wrote. And that’s the story I wanted to tell: his life. Not the myth that has burned so brightly for nearly 50 years. I had three questions when I began this project nine years ago: 1. Why did J.D. Salinger stop publishing?  2. Why did he disappear? 3. And what has he been writing for 45 years?
And now, you can see a full trailer for the sure to be incredible doc debuting September 6th. Check out the trailer below.


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