Examining the Alphabet of David Lynch

Let’s take a stroll through Michel Chion’s “Lynch-Kit”—which is featured in the 2nd edition of his book David Lynch. The “Kit” is an alphabetical list (originally in French), but what’s more, it’s an “attempt to reconstitute an impossible whole…inspired by Lynch’s themes, but is neither an inventory or an index, nor even a repertory.” Chion asserts that “a certain number of scenes and major signifiers were simply chosen from the filmmaker’s work and connected to one another.” With multiple visual, emotional, psychological, and physical terms for each letter of the alphabet, Chion’s collection is a vast array in great detail. Some allusions are more abstract and take a moment to thoroughly process, while others are direct and literal—yet all equally relevant. And as it’s an interesting “Kit” to devour, I wanted to share his connections, along with visual moments from Lynch’s works that illuminate Chion’s writing. In David Lynch, he theorizes just how each theme corresponds to Lynch’s films but for now, let’s just watch our way through his alphabet. Enjoy.

A for Alphabet

B for Body

C for Chair

C for Curtain

C for Curtain

D for Dream


D for Dream

D for Dog

E for Erasure

F for Fence

F for Floating

F for Floating

For for Forever

G for Group

H for Hut

I for Insect

K for Kit

L for Log

N for Night

O for Open Mouth

P for Power

R for Reaction

S for Smoke

S for Stage

S for Stage

T for Texture

V for Void

 W for Word

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