Ethan Hawke Reflects on ‘Reality Bites’

Reality Bites is one of those seminal movies that every person of a certain age has seen and loves and can quote endlessly.  The flick made Winona Ryder a household name and Ethan Hawke’s Troy Dyer became the definitive Gen X poster boy.  One of this year’s Sundance “rediscovered in the archive” selections, Hawke reflects on what he thinks would change had it been made today.  It will surprise you.

The New York Times asked Hawke if he thought that Winona’s character Lelaina would still end up with the grungy and sexy, though lacking any career potenial, Dyer or the ambitious TV exec played by Ben Stiller.  His answer:

“That movie was probably one of the last moments when the girl makes the decision to go with the poor, self-serious dude. A theme of the movie is how money and corporate thinking was taking over everything.

Today, I don’t think there’s a chance in hell they would end that movie with her and Troy together. The definition of integrity has changed. Now, if a person — or a movie — makes a lot of money, then it’s got integrity.”

Ladies, do you agree?  Is he really saying the paradigm changed or is he calling today’s females gold diggers? Now that you are a little older and maybe a bit wiser,  would you still go for Troy with his band and IQ prerequisites and winters (and likely summers, falls and springs) of discontent or would you choose the character with the stable job and far less angst? Men, feel free to weigh in. 

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