‘Entourage Movie’ Tumblr Eerily On Point

A couple weeks ago, we found out that Entourage, everyone’s favorite cable show about movie-industry d-bags (or that cable show about movie-industry d-bags that you liked okay for the first couple seasons and then hate-watched through the rest as even sweet, gentle Turtle got unbearable), will be getting a feature-length movie. It was really only a matter of time before someone took to Tumblr to skewer the project, but thankfully, Entourage Movie, which features snippets of the imagined screenplay for the film, is actually pretty hilarious.

Much like Gary Busey’s cameo on the show which is the one actual entertaining thing I remember happening on Entourage, the snippets of script are weird, hilarious and actually probably on point. The imagined interactions with guest stars like Lena Dunham (Vince describes her as being “so OPEN and RAW”), J.J. Abrams (holographic crown, underground lair) and Quentin Tarantino (yikes) are all pretty perfect, not to mention the scenes just involving the dudes out-broing each other, drinking Turtle’s signature brand of vodka and fighting over THE LAST SLICE OF REAL BROOKLYN PIZZA.

A particularly poignant scene happens inside Ari Gold’s brain, involving a predator drone. And the description of Jennifer Lawrence holding a bag of marijuana? Probably actually how it would play out on an episode of Entourage. (“MEGA HOT. TONS OF WEED.") Enjoy. 

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